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Airdrop and bounty are now CLOSED!

The airdrop data was reviewed and distributed! If you haven't received it, send us an email: support@stakd.tech



The ultimate community & brand token. Are you a brand that would like some exposure and are prepared to offer discounts on your products in return? Are you a crypto user/active person on the computer that would like to be compensated for his work wherever you are in this world? Are you a person that would like to buy certain brands product, but would like a discount? Then STAKD is perfect for you.


ERC20 standard token with new reworked staking standard.


Depending on the deal with the brand you will be able to use SKD to reduce the price of the wanted item by X% with SKD value at Y$ (X and Y are variables that depend on the deal)

Token burning

All tokens used for purchases will be burned (supply is limited!).

Distribution of tokens

Initial supply
Total supply


Announcing soon!


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Frequently Asked Questions

On release SKD tokens will be given to airdrop and bounty participants, after that you can earn SKD, by holding them in your wallet or completing available weekly tasks. If you would like to purchase SKD instead that will be taken care of (OTC deals with devs serving as escrow, DEX exchanges).

All tokens used for purchases will be burned (supply is limited!)

By considering the convenience of use and the consumption of less gas, there are two methods to trigger mining, however the coins must be in the wallet for 48 hours (2 days). After the criteria is met, mining is triggered by either:
  • Sending a transaction to your own address with any amount of STAKD or,
  • Using our website to interact with the smart contract.
The website will also contain a simple dashboard, that will show the coins age and a mining calculator.
Users will get 90% of the PoS rewards, the remaining 10% of the reward will go to the treasury.
Tutorials is available here


  • Coin age = Amount of time the token has spent UNMOVED in your wallet.
  • Tokens must be in the wallet for a minimum of 2 days (48 hours). 
  • If at any point you RECEIVE or SEND the tokens, your coins age will go back to 0, meaning you will have to wait for another 2 days to be able to claim!
  • The maximum amount of days, before the reward reaches its maximum potential is 90 days, MEANING if you hold for 90 days you can CLAIM the maximum amount of staking rewards.After claiming the rewards, your coin’s age goes back to 0.